International Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) Preview

Posted on Jul 19 2012 - 9:23am by Techzek

There’s been a flurry of activity as far as Cyanogen Mod 10 (CM10) is concerned over the last few days and the latest news to come from the custom firmware is that there is now an early preview of CM10 for the International Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 Gets CyanogenMod 10

For those who have been following the CM10 developments, this should come as no surprise. Just yesterday Cyanogen himself revealed some preview builds of CM10 for the US versions of the Galaxy S3, and over the last few days countless other ports of CM10 have made their way to smartphones and tablets alike.

Now a member of TeamHacksung known as XpLoDWilD has come up with a preview for the International Galaxy S3 that works (for the most part). Needless to say this preview is a very early build that comes with numerous warnings attached to it and has many, many areas that need further work.

Some of the known issues in the CM10 preview for the Galaxy S3 include the FM radio and WiFi tethering, both of which don’t work. Also, the camera is somewhat unstable and may cause crashes. One of the more bizarre issues is that when first calling someone, the other side may not be able to hear anything, but subsequent calls should work fine.

Over the next few weeks there are bound to be fixes and even more CM10 releases that will slowly work their way towards a stable build. Right now however, although not everything may function ideally, this preview is definitely stable enough to use casually. If you have experience installing custom firmware on Android devices, it shouldn’t be too hard to install either.

Of course if you use your phone for important work then you might want to just skip this release (and probably the next couple of releases too), until a more dependable version of CM10 for the Galaxy S3 comes out.

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