Apple’s iPhone 5S To Be Released in August (Rumors)

Posted on Mar 6 2013 - 3:05pm by Techzek

According to the rumours floating around the market, the Apple iPhone 5S was expected to release somewhere around June, but if recent reports from iMore are to believed then the phone will not hit the market until before August and is designed on the same lines as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. However, this is not something shocking as the previous S versions of iPhones also shared the same design but were upgraded in terms of processors and specifications.

iPhone 5S

According to the information available, the iPhone 5S will be launched with a new quad core Apple A7 processor but the clock speed still remains a mystery. Apart from that it may also feature a quad core SGX554MP4 graphic processor, 2GB RAM and a much better camera. However, all these are still rumors.

The Apple iPhone 5 was launched in September, 2012 and the company is all set to launch its next version. This not something new because the iPhone 4S was also released in October, 2011. So, the release date in August seems quite expectable but there has still not any official announcement by the company itself and we doubt there will be any until the release date is near.

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