Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases & Covers

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The Race for Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases is heating up. Proporta, a UK-based online shop for mobile accessories, happens to be very first to showcase its premium line of Galaxy S3 smartphone cases and covers. And boy, you will surely be tempted to place an order. But it’s not just Proporta. There also a lot of other manufacturers out there and they are currently preparing for their own line of GS3 cases and covers. Take for example, Case-Mate, ZAGG and Otterbox. These three companies are among the best in the world and you can definitely be assured that you will be getting the most durable and trendy smartphone cover.

As for us, we do think that now is the right time for you to gear up. By that, we mean that you should already scout for the best Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories even before you get to buy the phone at your favorite smartphone shop. After all, it’s never too early to be hip and fab! And speaking of which, we have already compiled the Top Ten Best GS3 Cases and Covers.

Ted Baker ‘Hollon Birdie’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

If you happen to be fond of nature and you are in the mood for a nice pink smartphone casing, then this Hollon Birdie by Ted Baker Case would definitely look good on your Samsung Galaxy S 3 smartphone. The case features a soothing dainty bird design with pink background and it is being claimed to be extremely robust and resilient. You see, it’s not all about the looks. You also need to see to it that your phone would be protected. The case is also very comfortable and not so bulky. You don’t even need to remove the case at times that you will need to recharge the battery of your phone. In case you are tempted to get one, the case can be yours for a very affordable price of 29.95 Pounds.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case

Business elites and professionals will surely be attracted to get this new leather case. Aside from the fact that this case is currently being offered for 29.95 Pounds, you will also be delighted to know that this case is made from pure tough leather. The design of this casing is not too fancy. Just flip out the top cover to access your phone’s screen and flip it back once you’re done. It’s very practical and durable and it can give your phone an all-round protection. Most importantly, it is tailor-made to fit your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

Quicksilver ‘Echo Beach’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

Do you have a taste for smartphone cases with fun and quirky designs? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss your chance to get a hold of this new Quicksilver ‘Echo Beach’ casing that’s been specifically made to fit your Galaxy S3 phone. The case features a range of vibrant colors that’s been patterned into small squares. You will also be able to see the fabulous Quicksilver logo. As for those who are eyeing for one, the ‘Echo Beach’ case is currently being made available for pre-order with a very affordable price of 14.95 Pounds.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘Pencils’ Case

Colorful and Trendy – these are the words that can best describe the Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘Pencils’ Case. And even without looking at the case, you will already have an idea of its innovative design. Apparently, the case features a pattern that incorporates the ends of coloring pencils and it looks very unique especially when being viewed from a distance. Furthermore, the case is made from a super touch material that can easily withstand against scratches and bumps. For 14.95 Pounds, your phone will be safe and secured and it will definitely stand out!

Ted Baker ‘Jasone’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

This case is apparently meant for the ‘boys’. Aside from the authentic Ted Baker Logo Design that you will be getting from this case, you will also be able to transform your Samsung Galaxy S3 into a phone with an understated stag head pattern that’s soft to touch and very comfortable to hold. Plus, you have to know that this case is part of Ted Baker’s latest ‘Autumn and Winter 2012 Collection’. Your smarphone will definitely look good if you opt to put this case on. You don’t even need to spend much, just pay £29.95.

Union Jack Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

Be proud and showcase the flag of Britain with this new Union Jack Samsung Galaxy S3 Case. With a color combination of Blue, Red and White, you’ll get a nice a robust case with a very trendy design. This case is somewhat ideal for the patriotic types. Most importantly, you don’t really need to spend much just to be able to get one. This tailor-made casing can be yours for a very decent price of 14.95 Pounds. You can easily pre-order one at Proporta provided that you use your Credit or Debit card.

Ted Baker ‘Siman’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

This premium case features a traditional tartan design. The dominant color of this case is dark red (which is almost comparable to maroon) with a streak of black. And similar to Union Jack, this case is highly recommended for the Brits regardless if you are an urbanite or you’re at the countryside. Simply get this case on your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and you’re good to go. No need to remove the case for charging and it is also very durable. A perfect partner that you can rely on! The case comes with a lifetime warranty and it is currently being offered for pre-order at Proporta for a price of 29.95 Pounds.

Purple Vertical Pouch Case

For now, let’s deviate from the usual smartphone cases and have our eyes set on this Purple Vertical Pouch Case that’s been especially made for the Samsung Galaxy S 3. As you can see, the pouch features a slip-on design. You can easily slip on your phone and it will be protected from dusts, scratches and even minor bumps. The cloth that’s been used on the pouch is made of high quality nylon which is very smooth and comfortable to hold. Furthermore, the vertical pouch case comes in a variety of colors. You can have it in hot red, orange, blue, black, grey and a whole lot more. You just need to pay for its price which is 7.99 US Dollars. The pouch is currently being offered by

Ultra-Slim Leather Vertical Pouch Bag

If you are still in the hunt for a durable case for your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, you can opt for this ultra-slim leather Vertical Pouch Bag. Unlike the one that’s been made from nylon, this pouch bag is made from high quality faux leather and it looks really classy. It will not be easily ripped and you can be assured that your phone will be safe from scratches and dusts. Just tuck your phone inside the pouch and place inside your pocket, purse or bag. It may not be as fancy as those cases from Ted Baker but it cannot be denied that its simplicity rocks.

Made For Samsung Black Cool Vent Case

Last but not the least is this cool Vent Case for Samsung Galaxy S3. Of all the cases that we’ve featured on this list, this is the only case that retains the majority of the design of the phone. The only difference would be the back cover. The ‘Pebble Blue’ cover of the phone will be replaced with a vent case with small holes that appears to give a stylish pattern. It does look very trendy and it is also very comfortable to hold. You won’t be scared of the thought that your expensive phone could slip from your hand. As of now, the Samsung Black Cool Vent Case is currently available for pre-order at Clove. Its price has been set at £14.99.

But wait, we’re not done yet. As a matter of fact, we do think that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has opened a gold mine for accessory manufacturers. That’s because the phone can be accessorized with a bunch of cool stuffs. Not just cases and covers. You can get a dock, a wireless charger and even an MP3 Player called S-Pebble. These accessories are yet to be released in the market though. It’s just that we are very delighted to hear that the quad core powered smartphone will also be able to make use of a stylus pen called C Pen. The pen for this phone will be sold for a separate price. Some may doubt the usability of the stylus pen on the smartphone but for those who are fond of drawing and quick notes, the C Pen for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be very much needed.

Right now, the phone itself is currently being offered in two nature-inspired colors: Pebble Blue and Marble White. Additional color variants will be released as soon as the phone gets officially launched. And if you still haven’t heard of the latest update, Amazon UK has officially listed the Galaxy S3 smartphone for Pre-Order. The phone’s price starts at £499.95.

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