Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Arrive in March 2013 (Rumor)

Posted on Sep 17 2012 - 5:32pm by Techzek

Is there anything in the mobile phone market that doesn’t mysteriously leak out to the public these days? Well, the rumors have turned out to be true in the past, So It is always worth reporting on them even if the sources aren’t exactly clear. Anyway the newest rumor is that Samsung will launch the next in it’s series of smart phones, the Galaxy S4 or S IV, in March of 2013.


The source of this latest leak is apparently an official within the Samsung company itself, and is being reported on by the Korea Times who claims to have received information from the unknown official. The report went on to say that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be showcased to the public at MWC 2013, which is the Mobile World Congress event planned for February of that year. This would obviously only leave one month between the reveal date and official sale date.

There are no specifics of the phone technology inside the Galaxy S4 being released as of the time of this post, and I imagine those details are being closely guarded within the company, so there is always the chance that this is just a big marketing plan to generate interest in the phone although it would seem strange to do this so far ahead of it going on sale.

So, In summary, all we know from this apparent leak is what the release date will be and that may not even be correct. When we receive more credible information or even some more rumors we will be sure to post it here so stay tuned for all of your S4 news.

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