Acer Iconia B1 New Tablet Leaked By FCC

Posted on Dec 21 2012 - 4:03pm by Techzek

Love tablets? So do we. That’s why when details about Acer’s upcoming Iconia B1 tablet were leaked by the FCC we got just as excited about its development as you.


Designed to compete with the new “mini tablet” market opened up by Apple, the Acer Iconia B1 sports:

  • A crisp 7 inch display screen
  • A Mediatek dual-core processor
  • 512 GB of ram
  • 8 GB of built-in storage space
  • Google’s 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system

Not look like much at the first glance? While it may not come standard with some of the larger internal storage capabilities as soon other tablets on the market today (i.e. Apple’s iPad Mini) bear in mind Google tablets tend to include a number of other features that help boost their usability, including:

  • Built-in standard USB ports
  • High user customization
  • Easy access to free cloud storage
  • Flexibility of use with many third-party products and applications

While none of these features can be confirmed 100% at this stage as the base specs have only JUST been leaked by the FCC it would be surprising if Acer doesn’t live up to its reputation by adding additional flexibility – and affordable pricing – to truly set its mini tablet apart from the rest on the market when it is fully released.

Fans of Google tablets can expect Acer’s Iconia B1 to be officially announced either at the next CES event or next February in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, most likely with some extra bells and whistles on top of its already solid package to help it stand out in today’s world of tablet PCs.

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